This is a “two-in-one” tour to visit both Krakatau and Ujung Kulon as well. It can be done in 2 days (2D1N) or in 3 days (3D2N).

Unlike the Ujung Kulon Tour, in this combined tour we will be cruising directly to Peucang Island after visiting and activities at Krakatau and Rakata. This tour requires early start from Carita preferably not later than 09:00. For late arrivals at the Airport, overnight at Carita and start the tour on the next day early morning.

One of our guests told us at Carita after the Krakatau trip, if for one reason or another I shall go back to my country now, I won’t regret it, I am satisfied, I am very satisfied with today’s Krakatau tour. And he continued, the rest of my “Indonesia tour” after this, I consider it as a bonus. He was with his family on the first day of their planned 3 weeks Indonesia vacation which includes Ujung Kulon, Mentawai, and Lake Toba. And it was not his first time in Indonesia. Another young couple who visited Komodo and Bali, and just arrived from Yogyakarta the day before, upon landing on Peucang Island after visiting Krakatau whispered to us, it’s paradise !

What else can we say …

Krakatau and Ujung Kulon tour does shatter everyone’s emotion. First, the excitement of “being there” at Krakatau, standing on top of a volcano that once rocked the world, snorkeling near the mother of Anak Krakatau, Rakata, seeing monitor lizard wandering by the beach. Second, visiting Ujung Kulon forest, a real wildlife with animals like deers, monkeys, and wild boars wandering freely next to you at Peucang Island, trekking into the green tropical rain forest full of huge trees, paddling at jurassic-like Cigenter river accompanied by a colourful bird flying from one tree to another like a drone observing your canoe from above. It’s something that you used to see on tv only, and it’s now presented live in front of you.

Krakatau part: climb Mount Anak Krakatau, snorkeling at Rakata, exactly the same as in Krakatau Full Day Tour.

Ujung Kulon Part: the “base camp” is Peucang Island. Since there are 4 guided activities that we always include for Ujung Kulon tour package, namely:

• Cidaon wildlife grazing – morning/afternoon
• Cibom – Tanjung Layar trekking – morning
• Peucang Island – Karang Copong trekking – afternoon
• Cigenter canoeing – morning / afternoon

hence for the 2D1N package, the Peucang Island – Karang Copong trekking has to be skipped.

Karang Copong is a cliff on the northwest tip of Peucang Island overlooking Panaitan Strait and Panatian Island, an ideal place to watch the sunset. It’s best to start trekking to Karang Copong in the afternoon and therefore we consider that it would be too exhausting for visitors if on the first day of the Krakatau & Ujung Kulon tour, right after landing on Peucang Island should immediately do another trekking activity.

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