The Misty Mountain

Discover the quiet village life by the tea plantation and walk into the forest to see Javanese Gibbons in the wildlife jumping from one tall tree to another.

The Village

It was pitch black outside, save from distant glow of the moon and the last of the fireflies returning to their nests. It was a little over four in the morning, signaled by echoes of the final verse of the dawn prayer coming from the mosque. Morning mist settles, revealing the once again quiet Citalahab Village. The chilly air cuddles every last being, including roosters and goats. The smell of pandan leaves in the steam tells Ibu Kokom that the rice is almost ready. Just in time for her two daughters to leave for school. She sent them off with their lunches, they kissed the back of her hand. The lazy sun creeps in the distant, slowly painting the shape of the mountains with brilliant orange. Time for Ibu Kokom to put her rubber boots, straw hat, and woven basket for collecting the tea leaves with the others.

Halimun (The Mist)

Located in West Java, Gunung Halimun - Salak, in Sundanese "The Mountain of the Mist", contains some of Indonesia's largest remaining lowland and montane forest. The Park has abundant untouched wildlife and stunning scenery. Each year visitors come to Gunung Halimun - Salak National Park to explore mountainous terrain, canyons, rivers and waterfalls, natural hot spring, tropical forest and tea plantations in the middle of the park. With an approximately 40,000 hectares, this park is a nirvana for the endemic
(native) wildlite of West Java.


The winding roads of tea plantation is an ideal place for off road cycling. Some die-hard uphill-lovers cyclists start from the Nanggung village and ride all the way to Citalahab (4 to 5 hours uphills).