West Java Classic

  • Bogor
  • Puncak
  • Gede Pangrango
  • Kebun Teh
  • Bandung Outlet
  • Bandung

Introducing 6 Days 5 Nights West Java “classic”. Explore the land of the Sundanese people, green lush scenery, ricefields, mountains, volcanoes, plantations, rainforests, and wildlife.

  • This tour is designed to those who have Yogyakarta and/or Bali in their bucket list
  • The tour starts from the airport or Jakarta, and finshes in Bandung
  • From Bandung, leave for Yogyakarta by train or plane, or fly directly to Bali or other destinations


  • Relatively close from Jakarta
  • First glimpse of Java: ricefields, tea plantation, mountain (dormant volcano)
  • Activities: cycling, trekking/climbing/hiking, sightseeing

See & Do

What’s Included

  • 5 nights double occupancy stays in 3 and/or 4 stars hotels: Aston Bogor, Puncak Pass Resort (bungalow), Aston Braga Bandung
  • Entrance fees and permits: Bogor Botanical Garden, Mount Gede Pangrango National Park
  • Camping gears  when climbing Mount Gede Pangrango National Park: tent, sleeping bag, trekking pole (one night sleep in tent)
  • Bicycle rental: cycling in / around Bogor
  • Meals from dinner on day 1 through breakfast on day 7 (dinners include water, refreshment/friuts, juice)
  • Land transportation: from airport or hotel in Jakarta all the way to Bandung
  • English speaking guide