Indonesia – The Archipelago of Spices

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Why start with introducing spices ?

A young beautiful Polish lady who visited Indonesia in 2011 wrote on her Facebook status “In the land of nasi goreng, everything is so tempting, I can’t stop eating …”

From The New Yorker

“Men are obsessed with sex. They will do nearly anything to get it.”

Approximately five hundred years ago, in the days of Christopher Columbus, men were much more interested in spice. Men yearned for spice. They burned for spice. They traveled around the entire world for spice.

No, it was not the ecstasy of intercourse that enchanted men. It was the prurient lure of nutmeg that beguiled them. The forbidden tang of pepper that bedeviled them. The bedroom eyes of mustard seed that bewitched them. To clarify, spices turned men on.

Of all the men seduced by sensuous spice, none was as obsessed as Christopher Columbus. If ever there were a man who thought with his taste buds, it was young Chris. His ravenous libido propelled him across the ocean at all hours of the night, even when he knew he had work the next day. What was he searching for? Ginger. Turmeric. Cinnamon. The list is as long as a very large spice rack.

When Columbus arrived, believing he was in India, the explorer kept asking everyone “where the local spices hang out.” But the New World that Columbus encountered was a wasteland devoid of any spice.

Columbus brought back what he thought was cinnamon but which was actually just regular tree bark. Columbus, sadly, was not the only honest man ruined by spice’s seductive powders. Far from it. All across Europe, men would stand beneath clove trees, yelling up to the treetops, “I love you! Please, come down.” All the rap songs were about spice.

Many spices were harvested only to be burned to repel insects, but, the more pungently they repelled, the more men desired them—the forbidden delight. These men would travel to the Malabar Coast, to the Spice Islands of Indonesia, to Morocco, to China. They would stand quivering, baskets in their hands. The spice wooed them.

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