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One day Krakatau. Visit the “volcano of the volcanoes” in one day. A 1:30 hours crossing by fastboat from beautiful Carita Beach, east coast of Banten, enjoy the spectacular view from the top of Anak Krakatau and afterwards jump into the water for snorkeling by the old Krakatau, the beautiful  coral reefs of Rakata.

  • The tour starts and finishes at the airport or Jakarta


  • Relatively close from airport or Jakarta
  • First glimpse of the most famous and the deadliest volcano in the world
  • Activities: Trekking/climbing/hiking, swimming/snorkeling, sightseeing

What’s Included

  • Entrance fees and permits: Krakatau Nature Reserve
  • Boat hire, fastboat, twin engine @40HP: from Carita to Krakatau, roundtrip
  • Snorkeling gear
  • Meals: lunchbox, water, refreshment/fruits, juice
  • Land transportation: from airport or hotel in Jakarta to Carita, roundtrip
  • English speaking guide

Mount Krakatau

MOUNT KRAKATAU or GUNUNG KRAKATAU is a volcano komplex simply known as Krakatau located at the Sunda Strait, 1:30 hours by fastboat from Carita a small town on the west coast of Banten.

The deadly blast of Krakatau in 1883 is well known and has been told over and over. The "new born" active volcano now is the child of Krakatau, or Anak Krakatau which is relatively "small" volcano compared to other volcanoes on Java. Nevertheles, Krakatau is dubbed as the "volcano of the volcanoes". The child is now surrounded from three directions: Rakata which is the tallest, the remains of old Krakatau; Panjang Island; and Sertung Island.

The Adventures

Visiting Krakatau is simply fascinating. Unlike other volcanoes on Java, it is an island which is also a volcano. It shows "how the earth was made". The deadly 1883 blast of the "mother" Krakatau literally self-destroyed the entire volcano, it vanished under the sea. But then, the crater rim of Anak Krakatau emerged on 28.01.1928, only to be washed away and rebuilt before eventually establishing itself as a sickle-shaped island with a height of 38m and a length of 275m by 1929. The island continued to grow and the rim had reached a height of 125m by 1940. It is still growing now, according to scientists at the rate of 5m per year. Anak Krakatau currently has a radius of about 2 kilometers (6562 feet) and a height of 324 meters (1063 feet) above sea level, according to Wikipedia. Those data may need to be updated as a variety of September 2012 news reports list the current height of Anak Krakatau at 405 meters (1330 feet).

"If I should go back to my country now, for one reason or another, I am satisfied. I am already satisfied because of today’s Krakatau Trip. The rest of my Indonesia Trip starting tomorrow I consider it as a bonus”.

A testimonial from a very excited Danish tourist after a One Day Krakatau Tour.

Package Itinerary & Price


Note: this tour can also be combined with UJUNG KULON TOUR

Day 1

  • Pickup from airport or Jakarta
  • By car, transfer to Carita
  • By boat, from Carita to Krakatau
  • Activities on Krakatau: climb Anak Krakatau to "level one", snorkeling near Rakata coral reef, stopover at Rakata
  • Back to Carita, transfer to airport or Jakarta


  • 2D1N camping at Krakatau . It is possible to camp on Krakatau or Rakata (if the situation permits)


Prices are subject to change (*)

PAX 2 3 4 5 6

What's Included

  • Transfer by car: from/to Jakarta or airport - Carita
  • Entrance and permit fee: Krakatau Nature Reserve
  • Accomodation: none
  • Meal: lunch box
  • Guide: English speaking


  • Car
  • Fiber fastboat, twin engine @40HP, max 6 adults + 1 captain + 1 crew   


  • None


  • Lunch box
  • Fruits
  • Mineral water
  • No alcohol

What To Bring

  • Trekking shoes. Volcanic soil are rather sharp and not solid
  • Trekking pole, light rain coat or jacket, hat, sunglasses, bandana, and camera of course
  • Snorkeling equipment, bring your own for your own comfort

Health & Safety

  • Krakatau is a very active volcano, and no one can foresee when a volcano will become active
  • Animals (monitor lizards) that wander freely on Anak Krakatau and Rakata are used to see people but should not be touched
  • Guests will be accompanied by a guide to climb to level one
  • Trekking alone not recommended, even if this island is relatively small, there were cases of visitors disoriented in the small forest near the beaches of Krakatau and couldn't find the way out
  • There is toilet on Krakatau by the ranger's office but no clean water

Electricity & Telecommunication

  • Electricity: no electricity
  • Cellular phone and internet: none, no signal

Mother and Child

Will it rock again ?

mother and child
Rakata, the remains of the “mother” Krakatau. guarding the child, Anak Krakatau.